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If you came here from the Malin Pebbles main pages you have seen that all the stones I use come from the beaches around the Inishowen Peninsula, situated in the north of lovely County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland. You have browsed through the photo Gallery of Inishowen Shores, and you've had a look into my workshop and another at my Portfolio gallery to see how I make things and what I have done in recent years.

Now you might feel that it would be nice to buy some of my work. Yes, you can do this here.

   To buy: You can browse through the categories and if you see something you would like to purchase just click on the Buy Now button. This will take you to the PayPal payment site where you can safely leave your details. Payment is in Euro but with your credit card you can pay in any currency. You are not asked to set up a PayPal account, and you use this button for this one purchase only. That also means that you have no shopping cart to put in several items, so, if you want to buy more then one just click on another pay button.

   All my products are hand made, i.e. hand cut and polished. All are unique, non repeatable pieces. I can make similar ones from the same stone or from a similar stone but never will those be an exact copy, but a new original. Sometimes I make several pieces of the same design from different stones, or several pieces of the same stone with different designs. Please read the notes on the category pages.

   Metal parts: Earwires, ear studs and chains are always 925 Sterling Silver. So are most pendants. Occasionally I find a nice silver plated setting for a pendant, but that will be mentioned in the description.

                                 I also take your personal orders, please contact me on:

petra @ malinpebbles.com

The simplest way of describing your order would be something like "I want a bracelet like bra0004, but it should have a yellow stone instead of a green one". Note: I have stones in all natural colours except for blue-ish ones (no blue, purple, violet, lilac, etc.).