Gifts and Jewelry - hand cut and highly polished - made from Irish (Donegal) beach pebbles. For everyone who likes things Irish, Irish crafts, and, indeed, for anyone who loves the warm feel and beauty of natural Stone.

Welcome to Malin Pebbles online!

This website is for you to see the results of the conversion from stone "rough" to stone "beautiful" (to give you an idea how that is done please visit the page In the Workshop). If you like what you see you can also purchase the one or other of my handmade products in my little Malin Pebbles Store

If you would like to view some photos of the work I have done over the years just click on MP Portfolio. There you'll find a photo gallery of things I have made and sold since the year 2000 in chronological order

In the Gallery Inishowen Shores I want to show you the outstanding beauty of this peninsula where I live - maybe you get inspired to come for a visit?

Contact details are on the page About Malin Pebbles as well as maps and directions to my place in Greencastle. Here also a few words about how-it-all-came-about.

Finally, on the Links page you will find three lists of links. One for the potential visitor of Inishowen with things to do and to see, the second for anyone who wants to start stone crafts (or does already) cut stones, and the third for websites I personally found very interesting and would like to recommend them to others.

Thanks for looking!      Petra Watzka

Petra amidst her pebbles on the beach
Petra in her workshop at the grinding wheels
Jewelry and Tea light holder by Malin Pebbles
Special offer

Stone from Ballyliffin  Necklace     € 63.00
NOW   € 48.00

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